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Shisha smoking in Qatar is a favourite national pastime. Everywhere you walk, you will come across another outdoor shisha café where locals as well as expats hang out with friends and family having drinks, coffees and snacks along with shisha. Despite the health awareness campaigns on the impact of tobacco, many cannot limit their passion on shisha and now the government want to enforce stricter guidelines on where shisha cafes can operate. For now, hotels and some outdoor dining cafes are fine to serve shisha, however the new laws mainly affect independent cafes and restaurants that operate in residential areas.

For those of you not 'au fait' with the shisha, it essentially is a water pipe used for smoking purposes, originating about 500 years ago. The tobacco is heated by coals and the smoke is purified and cooled through the water after which it emerges through the suction tube, from where it is smoked. The Shisha ranges from the mini (usually bought by tourists who probably won't smoke it again) to the regular metre high contraptions to the two metre monsters which grace some of the cafes. The cost to smoke one in the Qatar ranges, in general, from about 35-50 Riyals depending on whether you are in a trendy 'to be seen' place or not, though some exclusive joints can charge upward of a thousand Dirhams! Flavours vary from the popular apple (and double apple), mint, strawberry, apricot, rose through to the super cool grape. You know what we like.

Some facts of Hookah: The narghile (hookah, hookah, Huka) first became popular in the primitive form of a coconut shell in India, and is one of the oldest and most popular traditions in Turkey. There is no discrimination when it comes to smoking hookah, both men and women take part in this aromatic offer. Before reaching all parts of the world, the popularity of the hookah came to Iran, widely recognized as the launching pad to his worldwide popularity. Although Iran was the last stop before his stardom, was in Turkey where design and tradition really took shape as a cultural characteristic, and has since remained relatively unchanged. Coffee is big in Turkey. Through this column cultural, hookah entered popular culture 500 years ago. It soon became clear that there were certain ways to work the hookah, the hose going to light the coals to change the snuff. But do not worry, hookah smokers are usually patients, people who take time to think and that is willing to help and learn. Among the surreal calm and delicate fixtures around the elaborate and often delicate hookah, its tradition soon became entrenched in Turkish culture, providing pleasure to millions. Today, you can find hookahs in homes and restaurants around the world. In New York, there are seven lounges with names Narguila word! (Hookah). In addition to its pleasant smell and its relaxation effects, are nonsmokers Hookah funny given his snuff is not addictive. In addition, cigarette smokers replace their brand of choice for the hookah. That's how good it is! Hopefully this short history lesson has been informative, and we know that you are curious to know more. Apparently it's time to discover. What is shisha? Shisha snuff and a mixture of molasses, honey or sugar, and distilled water with fruit flavors. The snuff of shisha is fairly light and flavorful with a wonderful fruity aroma. Shisha is not your typical snuff. There is nothing like the snuff of cigarettes, cigars or chewed it. No, smoking hookah shisha is a totally different feeling. The snuff of shisha is smoked for flavor and not for any effect. Displays a search of relaxation and peace. The most popular flavor is apple and others including strawberry, pineapple, apricot, grape, rose, mint and even cappuccino. In the Middle East, from Turkey to India, there are shisha cafes where people gather to smoke and drink coffee or tea. Smoking shisha can take at least 2 or more hours and is quite relaxing for a social occasion, usually for conversation among friends. A shisha session can last from 30 minutes to 1 hour.


Grape, Mint, Apple, Watermelon, Melon, Orange, Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Cherry, Five Apple, Lemon, Rose, Berry, Mango, Banana, Coconut, Pomegranate, Guava

Popular Mixes:

Grape & Mint, Watermelon & Mint
Apple & Mint, Melon & Mint

Specials :

Jaouni Special [Our unique mixed fruit special]
The Maharaja [Rose and Mint]

Blue Mist (Starbuzz’s best flavour) -This a very good Hookah/Shisha flavour all the way from the US.

Nakhla Apple

Shisha Extras:

Fruit Head (Apple or Orange)
Ice, Juice or Syrup in Shisha Water


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